1 Monday: Train Ride/Excursion NO Transportation

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INCLUDES: Train Ride & KY Rail Museum ticket only.  No Transportation to the venue is included.  This is NOT a Wheelchair Ticket. This ticket does NOT provide the roughly 2:15 transportation to the train and museum.

This ticket applies to a single person attending this train excursion. 
The ticket provides an excursion train ticket and entry to the museum. 
(Estimated 2:15 travel each way is on your own.)

The KY Railway Museum will run a 22-mile round trip excursion train especially for our convention. Must be able to get on a train with assistance. (If wheelchair is required on the train, you MUST purchase a excursion event ticket online marked officially for Wheelchair Excursion.)


  • Turkey, Bacon & Dijon Sandwich (w/ Swiss Cheese)
  • Kentucky Club Sandwich (w/ Turkey, All-Natural Ham, Swiss & Cheddar Cheese and Bacon - Mayo on the side)
  • All meals come with chips, fruit cup, brownie, and a drink


Expected Schedule...

12:00pm Train departs for Boston, KY  (12pm is on Eastern Time, Not Central!)

 - - - - We cannot hold the train if you are not on a bus. - - - -

12:35pm-1:15pm Layover in Boston, KY

1:45pm Train arrives at New Haven, KY Depot

 - Lunch Break

Guided Tours Available for the Kentucky Railway Museum