2 Tuesday: Bus Tour-Layouts, Lunch & Train Ride

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The Layout Tour Busses for Tuesday have a few special surprises.  The morning starts with layout tours and all busses will meet at Fiddler's Grove for a special lunch event with live music.  This tour bus purchase for Tuesday includes box lunch at Fiddler's Grove and your ticket for a train ride on the Nashville Star. 

The busses will pick you up from the Donelson station and transport you back to the Opryland Resort.

This is a package tour.  Anyone driving will be on their own for entry fee to Fiddler's Grove and Lunch and will not have a Nashville Star train ticket or a way to get back to their cars. (Without reservations, lunch may not be available.)


Confirmed layouts for Tuesday...

Johnson layouts   
Outside “Evergreen Falls”, Inside “Small Town USA”
  • Two layouts are at this location!  One indoor, one outdoor – both large-scale.

The Outside layout is the newest layout in the club, being 1 month old in October 2019.  (It will be 8 months at the convention.)  The layout is 10x60 feet and has numerous live plants and a water feature.  The DCC layout uses 140 feet of brass track.  Numerous buildings and figures will be on the layout as well as a 10’ tunnel and a 7’ bridge. (Image below.)

The Inside layout is an 18x20 foot layout inspired by a 1960’s small town, similar to what you would have found throughout the USA.  Hundreds of vehicles, figures, and lights show tons of details throughout the layout.  Street lights are all working traffic lights, and many areas have sound effects with built in push-buttons.  Five bridges and plenty of buildings show tons of detail.  Numerous settings/scenes throughout including a classic car show, a band playing at the park, mechanics working at the shop, a stubborn Southern Baptist church, and plenty of other creative ideas.  Of course, you will also be surprised by the disappearing tunnel.  This layout has 150 feet of brass track and uses DCC.


Black Family Layout
Ain’t Misbehavin’ RailRoad

This layout includes over 1500 feet of track (and will be over 2000 feet by convention time), designed for elevated rail using battery and/or track power.  The layout includes a pond, live fish and plenty of scratch built buildings as well as kit buildings.  There are two main lines on this sprawling layout.  Two bridges and over 60 buildings showcase what you can do with elevated rail.


Bamburg Layout
Tennessee & Virginia RR

This layout was designed to represent southeastern Virginia and Tennessee and is an elevated rail layout.  It uses DC track power and is a folded dogbone design.  20x50 feet at present with 500 feet of brass track.  The layout has about 15 buildings and some live plants, and was designed to be easy to maintain. 

This layout regularly has D&RGW, MW, and Southern trains running – and just about anything else the owner fancies.  This layout uses an elevated rail system.


Rich Layout


Fiddler's Grove