3 Wednesday: Bus Tour-Layouts & Lunch

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The Layout Tour Busses for Wednesday

Bus Tour INCLUDES box lunch and drink


Confirmed layouts for Wednesday...

Jungst Layout
J2A Railroad

This layout is agriculture themed and has a 7 and 24 foot long trestle.  Modern diesels tend to run most often.  This layout is track powered and is mostly a loop design.  Numerous scratch-built structures can be found and this layout has an extensive use (more than 50) of live plants.  35x22 feet in size at present using 223 feet of brass track. 


Miller Layout
Nashville Chattanooga Garden Railroad

This layout is a freelance layout with over 1800 feet of track, and growing larger before the convention!  The layout runs steam, live steam and diesel locos and has more than 60 buildings.  The layout blends elevated rail and track laid in the ground to showcase the best of both options.  Numerous trees dot the landscape, as well as signal crossings and bridges.  The turntable has plenty of space for trains and has a siding that runs trains into a true trainshed for storing trains and gear.

(As of yet, we do not have a way to get an image of the entire layout.  We estimate the layout to be 100x300 feet – but that could be too small.)


Rea Layout


Heald layout 
Colorado Memory

This layout represents Colorado narrow gauge railroads of the 1880-1930’s.  Many small towns and a trestle grace this railroad that uses track power to cover its 50x50 footprint.  Numerous scratch-built buildings, stations, and a bridge can be seen.  The layout uses roughly 350 feet of brass track.  This layout uses elevated rail.


Tn Central RailRoad Museum & Layouts